December 3, 2022

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  • We weren't able to lolligag around this morning as long as I would have liked to for sure. Once we did get up, we were quick to start moving around and start the day.
  • I made macaroni and cheese to take on the trip and boiled noodles for a game in Sunday school tomorrow first thing this morning.
  • Then after my regular chores, I helped Robby moving the cars around-move the suburban, move the camper, move the minivan, move the car dolly, move the camper, hook up the car dolly, load the car, and then back the camper up. It is quite entertaining to watch all of this unfold. He suggested that I back the camper up, but I passed because I thought that wasn't a wise thing to do right before a trip.
  • Soon it was time to leave-we ran to ChickFilA so Reagan could get something to eat, then we dropped her off at church. She is spending the night with a friend. Then we went to Walmart to pick up a few things. Next stop was Nonna's to drop off a few things. Then we made our way on to Sams and Costco. 
  • That was a lot of running around, but thankfully we were able to find everything that we needed. Plus we only forgot one thing which we didn't have to have. 
  • When we came home, I worked on loading people's clothes into the camper before settling down to watch the Hogs play. Well, I didn't really do much Hog watching-I slept most of the second half.
  • As soon as the game was over, we headed to Immanual. Anderson and Graham are playing basketball with a bunch of boys from church. They have sure enjoyed practices and ejoyed the game today too.
  • It probably helped that they won. The team they played was fairly weak, but our team kept improving as they continued to play. Anderson was able to score 3 points so that was good. Graham fussed that we hollered at them too much-but we were really on our best behavior tonight so I am not too sure who he heard.
  • Once we came home, everyone had showers and supper. Then we worked on a bit of house cleaning. I actually should be working on the kitchen right now, but there is always later tonight!

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