December 17, 2022

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  • Another day of Christmas cooking. First Campbell and I were up early (not that early) and headed to the store. Last night I was unable to locate cupcakes so today, we were the first ones at Sams to snatch some cupcakes. We were successful in that mission.
  • Then we went to Walmart where I finished up shopping for two people so another success. Our final stop was at Grannymom's house where we dropped off some Christmas presents.
  • Back at home the baking commenced. By this time Keaton was awake-it took her a few minutes to wake all the way up, but when she did she helped us. First up was making 2 batches of fudge, followed by two batches of m and m bars, and then 2 batches of chocolate covered pretzels.
  • While they were doing this, I was working on making potato soup and homemade hot chocolate. Soon, all of the kids were able to help by cleaning the house very quickly. Seriously, I couldn't have done it all without my kids-they were all such a help today.
  • Robby took Keaton, Campbell and Whitman to Defy while I worked on the kitchen. I had finished the kitchen and had taken Bentley on a walk when they returned. Then they were not home long at all when they left again for the boys' basketball game.
  • The game didn't turn out in the guys favor, but I hope that they still had fun. Robby said that they had good attitudes which is more than he said that he could say for all of the fans. After the game, they celebrated with pizza from Shotgun Dans.
  • I wasn't at the game because I had the homeschool mommas come over for supper. We had potato soup, spinach dip, salad, bread, peanut butter bars and hot chocolate. It was a very good meal-at least I thought so. 
  • The mommas all stayed pretty late so it was after 11 when I had cleaned the ktichen again. Tomorrow we will need to leave a few minutes early-we have so much stuff to take to church. It will seriously take every Dennie to help bring all of the things into the church house. So I better get in to bed so we can get there in plenty of time.

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