December 27, 2022-Quick Trip to the Liberty Bowl

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This morning Anderson and Graham headed off with Pops to help rake a lady's yard. The boys didn't seem to mind too much espeically since they were getting paid and especially since the yard wasn't incredibly large. 

As soon as they left, Keaton and Campbell were standing beside me ready to go themselves. I did a few more things in the house, and then we headed to spend some of their gift cards. Our first stop was Lululemon. Now, we didn't have any gift cards from there, but the girls do love to dream. (We, however, prefer not to pay a hundred bucks for a pair of leggings.)

After that store, we went to Bath and Body. Keaton and Campbell both had gift cards from there. Keaton bought 3 mini things and spent all of her gift card while Campbell bought 3 full size things that were on sale and spent most of her gift card.

Then we headed to the library. The library that was closest is not our normal library so it was certainly a treat for us all. I should have gotten me a book just to have in case I finish my current books, but I didn't. Campbell and Keaton did find some books though. They have been really wanting to go to a different library to look around so I guess soon I will need to take them downtown.

Thne it was on to Target. Keaton had a gift card so she bought a few things, and Campbell had some Chrsitmas cash so she also spent a bit. Afterwards, we picked up some toilet paper and headed back to the house.

By the time that we got in the house, Robby found out hat we had some tickets to the Liberty Bowl. There were 6 tickets which worked out well since we have only 6 people that care about the game. Whitman only likes sporting events where there is free food, and Reagan has plans tomorrow with her friends. 

So before too long, the boys came home and Robby and I left to fill up the cars with gas. I did run into Kroger and found some teacher gifts for next Christmas (candles-they will keep), and then we walked through Costco and didn't find a thing.

We came home, left quite a few instructions and then headed out. It didn't take us much time at all to make it to Memphis. We did have to stop once for the bathroom, but other than that it was smooth sailing. We had to take a detour but were able to get to Interstate BBQ for supper.

It was pretty empty-as in they had to unlock the door for us. We realized later it was because of the water problem that the city is currently having. The bbq was okay. Keaton said that she still likes Robby's bbq better while Robby said that nothing can really beat HBs. It was decent though and killed hunger.

During supper, I talked to Reagan and Whitman. They had eaten supper-Ramen for Whitman. I don't ever remember him eating ramen before. She made it for him, so I guess you eat what is made. (Actually, the boy can now make a few things by himself. He's growing up.) He told me that he liked ramen so maybe he will learn to cook that.

Our next stop was a Krispy Kreme that was closed. It was fine though beucase our hotel was nearby. The hotel seems newish, and it is completely full so I am glad that we were able to snag some rooms here. The kids are downstairs and Robby and I are upstairs. 

Keaton and Campbell were anxious to get their showers-they like hotel living. I am cuddled up under the covers and about to take my shower as well. Tomorrow might just be an Ikea day-oh, and the football game too.

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