December 5, 2022-Disney in December

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We had said from the beginning that this trip was going to be a little bit slower. However, I am not so sure that we are moving a little bit slower. After driving until almost 2 yesterday, our alarm was set for 6 this morning. I am not too sure about Robby, but I am definitly feeling the 4 hours of sleep.

Some of the kids were still up last night when we parked, but none of the kids were awake or stayed awake when we left this morning at 6:15. About 20 minutes before we made it to the campground this morning, I looked back and Anderson and Graham, who usually wake up when we are driving first, were still sound asleep.

We had to drive for about 3 and a half hours this morning, but that time went by quickly since we were finishing a book about Bob Iger. Soon we were pulling into the Campground at Fort Wilderness. This is really our new favorite place. It is actually a good thing that this campground is not anywhere close to home or we would be here all of the time.

We are in loop 300 on this trip. We had requested a bunch of different sites, and this is not one of them. Ha! Some people are able to request where they want to be, and they are able to get them-not us. Thankfully, this site is pretty great. We are in walking distance to the marina (even though we will probably never walk), we have a larger concrete pad than last time, the bathroom is nearby (some people like to use to the bathhouse shower-not me, but Robby had a shower there this afternoon), this is a busy loop (which we like), and we have a good barrier around us where we don't have to see other folks. 

I think that the only con is that parking the car is a little bit tight so we are super pleased with out spot. The first thing that we did was hook up and grab the golf cart. There was lots of driving around this afternoon. Three main activities were happening-Christmas light looking, Scavenger hunting, and Stocking giving.

First-Christmas light looking. We have driving around probably about 1/3 of the loops today. I would say that most people have 2 or more blowups. One site probably has over a hundred-I am not exagerating at all. We are definitely in the minority having minimal Christmas decorations. There are blow ups that are at least 15 feet tall on some sights, toy trains, life size Santas and reindeer-I feel as though I have been invited to a party, and I am underdressed. Did I mention the site that has like 20 life size Storm troopers and 40 small ones all dressed in holiday sweaters? Our one red and green light shining on the camper is not cutting it-wonder if Amazon can deliver here? There will be no reason to go looking at Christmas lights when we get home after seeing all of the ones here.

Second-Scavenger hunting. We found the Facebook posts last time about the scavenger hunting and the kids absolutely loved doing this. So today, Keaton hid one thing and was able to find 3 different things-a cup, some chalk, and a Christmas ornament which will be our ornament from this trip. Even when we are not out searching for stuff, the Campbell and Keaton are constantly checking the phone to see if more things are posted. 

Third-Stocking giving. Last time we were here, I saw one site had their stockings hanging out. I told the kids that I wished I had something to put in there. A few days later, I saw that people do put things in people's stocking here. So guess who brought 2 stockings here. I had to but them from the Dollar Tree, but we have stockings and things to put in them. I cleaned out quite a few drawers and have a decent stash (well, I thought it was going to be decent.) 

We hung up our stockings on our pin trading board that we have set out on the site. Then where ever we went today, we searched for people's stockings to fill. We probably put things in 8 different stockings. I really wasn't expecting anything in ours. When we came back once this afternoon-Campbell and Keaton discovered that there were things in the stockings-2 ornaments, some Minnie buttons, and 2 hand sanitizer holders made out of Mickey fabric. I thought we were extra bringing things for stockings, but these people are just super extra here-and I love it!

We put the miles on the golf cart and lost track of time. We had to hurry to get supper on the grill-Robby made hamburgers for supper tonight while I heated up mac and cheese that I had made at home and bbq beans from Sams. It was a pretty good super except the mosquitos were out in full force. We had sprayed up so we were good.

Oh, I forgot-remember just 4 hours of sleep-we did make a run to the Disney outlet this afternoon. It is about 20 minutes away so we like to go when we are here. We didn't find too much, but we did find 2 pairs of Mickey ears to add to the girls' collection on their wall.

After supper, we cleaned up, made some of the bed and headed to Hollywood Studios. It was pretty crowded, but were were able to ride Star Tours, Smuggler's Run, Toy Story Mania and Rise of the Resistance before the park closed. We made it home about 10, and I started taking lunch and breakfast orders. The plan is to leave at 7:30 in the morning!....and maybe an aftrnoon nap (nah, I'll be out searching for more stockings plus there is a real scavenger hunt to do as well.)

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