Christmas Ornament Countdown 2020: 10 Days Until Christmas

Arriving to a port on a cruise ship isn't always as magical as what you have in your head. No, not at all. Vendors shouting, products being shoved towards you, pigeons everywhere and lots of people. Walking down a back alley to get into a cab isn't usually my idea of a good time either. Nor is watching two taxi drivers almost get into a fist fight over who would take us around the island-that is also not my idea of a good time.

Pretty much the entire time that we were flying around the island of St. Thomas in a taxi cab, I was a bit on the uneasy side. I know that we were still technically in the U.S., but I sure didn't feel like it at all. I was able to enjoy some of the beautiful scenery on the island and even pick out an ornament for the tree.

Now the real fun of St. Thomas was watching it as we sailed away!

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