December 7, 2020

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  • Today was a light day of school for everyone. I had assumed that the kids would be awake and ready to start, but instead they were all snoozing when I went upstairs to get them. That seems to be a pattern lately-I think they are already on Christmas vacation.
  • We did our morning reading, and then the kids started on their school work. I will say that everyone was pleasantly pleased with their lack of school work on our easy day. The little three all had super fun and different math. Whitman begged me to find more for him. I would, but it was too easy-good for a break but not for everyday.
  • After school, I ran a few errands to get a few things knocked off of the Christmas list. Then I hurried home to do Bible study with the littles and then to take Reagan for her driving test. We practiced some and parked...
  • Then we went in only to find out that I had the wrong date. Ugh, how disappointing. I quickly found another appointment on my phone for Wednesday. I am not sure how was more disappointed Reagan or me. 
  • We did run to Walmart on the way home and I bought her a box of candy canes which made up for my mistake-well, kind of! Then we did some parking practice near the house before going home. 
  • Once at home, it was soon time for supper. I worked on camper food for this next week while Robby worked on supper-pancakes and sausage. After we had finished supper, we did some of our Santa pulling and ornament guessing. 
  • I did a bit of wrapping tonight, followed by smoking Whitman, Keaton and Campbell at a game of Ticket to Ride New York. Then there was blog writing and even some camper packing.

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