December 23, 2020

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  • Well today was my day to sleep in, and I surely did. When I woke up, I stared my normal routine-laundry and fooling around in the kitchen. There were no dishes to empty, but I did lay everything out to make my icing later in the day.
  • Soon I found myself playing a game with the boys-we played a game of Graham's that he received for Christmas. I smoked those boys and didn't hold back at all. It was a fun time...well, not for all of them! Everyone needs to know how to be a good loser!
  • I then ran to Shannon's house to pick up a few presents that we had delivered over there and to drop off some things for tonight. 
  • Then it was to the dentist I went. My dad would always say that he would rather get a vasectomy than go to the dentist. I can't really say that, but I would pretty much agree that would probably be an accurate statement. There are many other places that I would rather go. 
  • Honestly, I must kind of be getting old. I don't really want to go to any doctors. I was talking to the boys tonight about someone and told them that when I am old, just call and tell me to get myself to the doctor/hospital and stop being so stubborn. 
  • I hurried home since I sure didn't want to be out in the Christmas shopping madness. Robby had already been out in some of it today. He worked on his fire pit some while I ate is lunch leftovers.
  • This afternoon, I had to kids stop what they were doing and do their chores. Then I made everyone play my new game. Some of my children are an absolute delight to play a game with and others are not....and we will just leave it at that!
  • Soon though I was rushing around my making my icing. Now, I did lay my head down for 15 minutes, but that was all! I had to throw a shower into the mix because Robby said that I smelled like smoke (fire pit experiment from earlier in the day.)
  • The girls helped me with the icing and soon we were at the Wilson's house for our Friend-mas. We had chicken fried rice and egg rolls along with every cookie imaginable. Before we ate, the kids started working on making gingerbread houses. Some of my kids worked really hard (Reagan) and created masterpieces while others just bless their hearts (Graham). 
  • They all had fun doing it though and really, everyone did a good job. Graham's did fall and break so his house had a different shape than the others. After supper, I pulled out tons of cookies for the kids to ice. They all had fun doing that as well and made a huge mess. 
  • We didn't get home until late and the kids had to shower before bed so it was another late night for this crew!

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