Christmas Ornament Countdown 2020: 4 Days Until Christmas

I write my Christmas ornament blog posts ahead of time, and this one I had to completely rewrite. This ornament is from 13 years ago when we went to Charleston with two little babies. I actually remember very little about that trip except that one of those little babies pooped in the bath tub. And I also didn't remember seeing the Rainbow Row houses that are pictured on the ornament.  Here is the link to the blog posts from that trip-and notice how much shorter they were-I guess we weren't as interesting or I just had a lot less time than I do now. 

This last week, we had the chance to swing by Charleston for our second visit there. Let me just tell you, that is such a neat town. I really could stay there longer and explore more. I really liked the Charleston Market-even though we were there in the middle of Covid, on a Monday on a chilly day so it wasn't a super happening place. This trip to South Carolina was really a lot of fun and no one pooped in the tub this time!

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