December 15, 2020-South Carolina Road Trip-Day 6

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Aww, the rain has just started falling on the roof of the camper, and I can't wait to curl up and head to bed hearing that pitter patter. Let's see, I try to write some of my trip blogs during the day as we are driving or whenever we have a break, but, I sure didn't today so I will have to rack my brain a little bit to remember all of the details.

We weren't in too much of a hurry this morning since check out wasn't until 11. Some folks started stirring, and soon Campbell was headed outside. We knew that it was cold outside when she came back in asking for her jacket. Campbell never wears a coat except when it is super cold. I quickly found my hat and gloves for our morning walk.

Campbell, Keaton, and Graham went around the loop on their bikes. When they returned we headed on a short little walk to see if we could see the rope adventure course. It was closed, but it was a nice little brisk walk. It was indeed cold outside, but if you were moving it wasn't too bad at all. 

By the time we got back, we had about 30 minutes to load up. We were able to use the campsite next to ours to hook up the car. The big boys helped and the bikes and car were loaded within 20 minutes, and we were soon on the road...

For about one mile. We hadn't even made it out of the campground when Graham and I were hearing a different noise. He helped me move things around and listen trying to figure what it was. We soon were pulled off the road by the front and were walking around the camper. 

The driver's side mud flap had broken off-leaving the mud flap intact, but the metal bar that held the mud flap flapping on the tires (or something). This has always been Robby's assumption of what caused the blowout earlier this year on the passenger side. 

It wasn't a big deal-it did take Robby a bit to find the right tools, but soon he had the metal bar off. I stood in front of him since his body was laying in the street as he worked. I swear no less than 40 cars passed us as he worked (maybe 15 minutes). One nice old couple asked if we had it and went on to tell us about them looking for their keys for 2 hours while they were in the ignition of their car the whole time.

We were glad to get that little event over with and hopefully there will be no more. It wasn't hard at all to rectify and we were soon on the road. The drive to Myrtle Beach State Park took about 2 hours but there was plenty to see along the way. It was a pretty drive-but I really could drive around and look at houses and little towns all day long.

When we made it to our site, we quickly unloaded things and got settled. There wasn't too much settling because we knew that the rain was coming so we really didn't get many things out. We did get our lunch stuff out and ate at the picnic. 

For a moment, let me talk about the eating on the trip. We haven't had the warmest of weather so we really haven't cooked outside yet. Now, the plan was to make pancakes tomorrow, but the rain is going to mess that up probably though we will still make pancakes inside.

So this trip is really unlike any we have done before. This is more similar to our road trips of the past, but also it is a lot different. This is also very different from just going to a state park in Arkansas and hanging out for a few days. We have only eaten out once-pizza for Anderson's birthday, plus the breakfast at McDonalds along with tonight's Krispy Kreme.

We cooked spaghetti before we came, plus we had the meat ready for chili along with bbq in the freezer. Robby also cooked some hot dogs tonight as we finished off that chili and spaghetti. The girls have made use of our fruit and leftover chocolate bars and had themselves chocolate covered strawberries last night instead of ice cream-that is some pretty fancy camping eating.

And Whitman-bless it. In the last week his appetite has super increased. It is probably all of the exercise from riding his bike and going on walks that is causing him to be so hungry. For breakfast he had a package of doughnuts and then asked for a poptart package though I just gave him one. And tonight for supper, he told us that he wanted a hot dog, but when Campbell stopped eating her plate of spaghetti to get her drink, she came back to the table to see Whitman eating her spaghetti. Apparently, he thought that we had set it down in front of him to eat.

I let him keeping eating that plate, got Campbell another one and later had to refill his plate for more. Tonight he ate 2 and a half doughnuts before deciding that he was full. Gracious me. He almost has been eating more than his big brothers!

After our late lunch, we loaded up with the laundry, Reagan, Whitman and Whitman's bike in the van. The others rode their bikes to the ranger station/laundry area. Then they rode to the beach where we met them. We took Whitman's bike because we really weren't too sure how far they had to go and didn't know if he could make it.

The beach was beautiful, chilly and abandoned. Seriously, there were just 2 folks on the beach at all. We walked a good ways to get to the fishing pier. We even saw a star fish on the way-I think it might have been dead, but it was interesting to see nonetheless.

When we made it to the fishing pier, we realized that to go on the pier you had to walk through a shop so we needed our masks. Ugh, so Robby, Whitman, Keaton and I walked/jogged back down the beach to gather shoes that were left at the start of our trek and bring the car which contained the masks to the fishing pier.

It was a good thing that we did get those shoes because pigeons and pigeon poop was everywhere on the pier. Keaton really enjoyed scaring those poor birds off only to have them come right back to where they were before she scared them. 

After the fishing pier, we drove the others back to their bikes and met back up where our laundry was finishing up. We moved it to the dryer as they headed back to the campsite. This time Whitman did get to ride his bike with them.

Back at the camper, we had a bit of downtime while the clothes were in the dryer. Then it was time to pull out our supper. We all ate and then decided to drive around a bit and make a few stops.

Our first stop was Target-Reagan is looking for new masks. We weren't able to find the ones that she had, but Keaton sure did find herself some. Then we went on the Walmart. Hmm, at Walmart we bought the essentials-cokes, marshmallows and graham crackers. We also looked at bowls (we need a big one for the microwave) and we looked at fire starter logs which we didn't buy. 

And might I add, that Reagan wore her pajama pants-like her Christmas fleece pajama pants with the grinch on them all day today. She wore them to Target, she wore them to the beach, she wore them to Walmart and I think that she was pretty proud of it. Maybe I should wear mine tomorrow if we go out!

Our next stop was Krispy Kreme tonight for a treat. Now, we stopped at one, but they just looked a little bit closed so we drove on to the next one. I will say that my doughnut was excellent. I don't know what it was. I asked the worker and she said that she didn't know what it was. Even though no one did know, it was a not circle shaped and had cinnamon on top-very good.

All of the doughnuts must have been very good, because we ate them up. It has been a while since we have been to a Krispy Kreme and had a good experience since the LR doughnut place wasn't that great at all. 

We headed back to the camper as the rain started to fall. It is almost 10 so I am sure that we will start making beds soon and herding people towards them. Tomorrow is supposed to be a wash out but there will still be much to do around here-we might even make cookies and organize a cabinet-the party just never stops!

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