December 10, 2020-South Carolina Road Trip

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(Note: we didn’t do too well on picture taking on this travel day; Tara promises to do better tomorrow!)

The kids were kind of confused today when I woke them up but told them that we wouldn't be working together this morning. Even though I love our work together time, I had plenty of things to do and plenty of trips to the camper to make.

It took a while for folks to wake up and start stirring, but once they did school was a priority. More than anyone else, Whitman has loved this week of easy school. He flies through his math puzzle pages and was done before he even found breakfast.

Campbell worked on making cinnamon rolls for a while today. They were just from the can, but for some reason the toaster oven seemed to take forever to bake them. I think it is because we put foil on the bottom of the pan. At least I hope that is the reason because we can't be without all of my ovens.

At 10:40, I headed to take Reagan to school a bit early. They were having a Christmas party before their classes. We brought cookies, and Reagan said that they ate all of the cookies that we brought. After the party, she had a test which she did pretty good on.

As soon as I dropped her off, I hightailed it to Walmart to pick up a few necessary things-underwear and eggs. We ha about 5 eggs and decided that we needed some more. And also we decided that Anderson needed a few more pairs of underwear-2 just wouldn't cut it!

Then it was back home for some more packing. Really all I did today was walk to the house, walk around in the house and then walk to the camper with my arms full of things to bring in. Not sure what the weight limit is in this thing, but we are at it. Not really, Robby has assured me that we aren't near the weight limit.

Actually, tonight on our gas stop, we could have easily weighed ourselves since we ended up in a truck parking area of the gas station. There were trucks everywhere and we were kind of trapped. We did roll through the scales to escape the truck area. We finally made it out of the truck area and made it to get gas.

Back to the afternoon, I picked Reagan up from school and dropped off Noah and some of his peeps, Then we hurried home and were on the road in just a few minutes. After a few walks through the house, we finally left for South Carolina.

We had a long drive tonight-over 400 miles. For the most part the kids were pretty mild. Robby and I listened to a few podcasts to make the drive a little bit shorter. After successfully leaving the gas station with a full tank of gas, we were back on the road.

We drove just a bit when I started on supper. I am getting good at turning on the generator which start the microwave. Soon I was heating up Hot Pockets one by one. It did take a while to heat up everyone's supper since each one took 2 minutes. I was trying to use a plastic plate-and did use it successfully over and over so I wouldn't dirty alot of plates. Well, I used it over and over again until it started to melt.

That's fine since we have plenty! Soon the kids were fed (Whitman was the only corn dog taker). Then I heated up Robby and my suppers. I supplemented supper with bags of chips and everyone finished happily-especially since they had a drink to go with it.

The boys have played their xbox some and watched some Thursday night football. Robby and I continued listening to podcasts-we listened to a few travel ones, a few crime ones and even a sermon or two. 

Soon we were cruising through Birmingham and finding our Bass Pro to park in for the evening. And sure enough Robby pulled in and wanted to park by the woods. Heavens to Betsy no way! We had been listening to the crime podcasts-no one is going near the woods! Again! Did you know that one man is in jail for killing his wife when people think that an owl really did it? Yep, I'll never walk through the woods again. 

Anyway, we are safely parked away from the woods by a light and all doors are locked and double checked. We probably could easily sleep with the slides out tonight, but after everyone found their pjs and settled in, we did shut them. My clothes and Robby's clothes are accessible with the slides in, but the kids clothes are in a spot that you can't open with the slides in. It is the oddest thing-who would design anything like that. They could have easily put one drawer at the bottom that you couldn't open and then had storage above that you could. Anyway, no one asked me.

Getting bedding ready for everyone is always a challenge too. It isn't hard, but it just takes a while. I am sure that we could probably leave stuff out, but I just wouldn't be able to handle that. So everything is folded and put away neatly. And you might find this funny-you would think that with 8 of us, we would have 8 pillows in this camper. Nope, 14 was the last count. We usually have 12 in here on our bed that we pass out, but the big boys brought theirs on this trip. That is why we could never tent camp-14 pillows! We like our comfort!

We just gave the kids a 15 minute warning-they are all snug in their beds. Robby has the new sound machines running and is working on getting the temperature just right for the night. I'll end the blog here and head to bed myself! (And here is one surprising downside of camper living-this place is so tiny that we can't sneak out of bed to get ice cream or everyone would hear us!)

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