December 25, 2020-Merry Christmas!

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  • What a wonderful Christmas! The girls had plans of waking up early, but we changed those plans and made it clear that there would be no moving around upstairs until 8. They listened-Reagan said that Keaton and Campbell didn't wake up until around 6:30, but we really didn't hear any noise until 7:30 which is when my alarm went off.
  • By the time it was 8, everyone was on the steps waiting for me to grab one last gift-that I had left in the freezer (a chicken pot pie to Reagan from Graham). Then it was time to open those presents. There were 3 electric scooters in the living room that were the delight of the littles. 
  • Then there were stockings-and oh, I do love stockings. I work pretty much all year on them-will even start tomorrow if we make it to a store early enough. Their stockings now overflow into cardboard boxes so there is lots of things everywhere before the real gift opening begins.
  • I will go down the list on what everyone received today. We do a gift from us, a gift from Santa and the kids draw names and buy a gift for that person (which I pay for.) Also most everyone bought at least one gift for someone else as well. Reagan got a sweatshirt, computer, tshirt and lots of sparkling waters. Anderson opened a desk chair, an xbox game, funko pops and an xbox gift card, Graham had pretty much the same except instead of funko pops he got a basketball and football. Campbell received a sewing machine, a pan and pajamas, Keaton got airpods, bags and fabric paint, a game and a clothes for her bear. Whitman received a penguin with clothes, a race car track and a host of other things from his person Reagan. (Reagan gave him a pair of pajamas and wrapped them to look like a chair.)
  • I had thrown the monkey bread (Dennie tradition) in the oven before presents so during the end of presents, Robby was pulling that out and working on the rest of breakfast. I opened up a game, a bag, shoes and lots of stocking stuff. Oh, yes, I also opened up a big double lawn chair-it is like a love seat. I can't wait to use it! Actually, we have used it all day long in the living room-I may just leave it there for a while.
  • And Robby got two pairs of pants, a pancake batter dispenser and yoga mat-he is going to be healthy this next year. Ha! Not really. The mat is for when he has to lay under the bike rack to hook up the car-that way he won't get filthy and can just roll that mat right up. 
  • Now, did I mention that everyone got a lot of candy-candy, candy, candy everywhere. I probably should just schedule a dentist appointment in January because there will be cavities. Oh, well, I guess they will be worth it.
  • Nonna, Pops, Jason, Grannymom and Grandpa came over to eat breakfast with us and see all of the goodies that the kids had. We had our monkey bread, strawberries, eggs, biscuits, sausage, orange juice and chocolate milk. It was a pretty big spread.
  • Now, last night I think that I mentioned that Christmas is getting easier-I guess it is. It is still a lot of work-I spent most of the day picking up trash and breaking down boxes. Seriously, it is a little crazy.
  • The living room was about back in some type of order when we headed to Dana's house for Christmas lunch. She had a spread for us, and it was a pleasant afternoon. We tried to play Keaton's new game, but bless it. It is complicated-I had to watch a video at home a few times to understand it, but we finally did play it tonight.
  • When we got home from Dana's house, Robby and I had planned on working on my messy attic-we did but after our nap. So that means that the attic still isn't finished. It needs probably another hours worth of work tomorrow. I did some more work tonight right before bed, but by that time, the attic was too chilly to work in. There is nothing better than organizing and throwing things away on Christmas.
  • Speaking of throwing things away, I am already anxious to start cleaning out around here. The only probably with that is I will have to wait until the trash comes since our trash can is already full. 
  • Tonight I made chicken and dumplings for supper-I don't really know what chicken and dumplings taste like, but I have now made them and can mark them off of the list. They were warm and that is really all that matters on a cold day. Robby said that they were good, so I guess it was a win. It was certainly an easy recipe though the kids weren't too big of fans.
  • We ate and then had planned on watching a movie, but instead ended up playing with Whitman's new race track. It took a bit longer than expected but finally it worked well. Oh, and I forgot to mention that after I threaded Campbell's sewing machine, that girl went to town making herself a tote bag. The plan is maybe this weekend, for me and her to follow a pattern/directions and make a real one-but gracious, she did a great job though.
  • We let the kids stay up way too late, but they were busy arranging their stuff (Campbell), watching basketball (Graham), playing with their new stuff (Anderson), watching their ipad (Whitman), and even making list for what else they need (Reagan-she had a tape measure on her list along with bottled water.)

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