December 28, 2020

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  • Well, I think that I was fairly productive today. I did have a long list and pretty much marked everything off of it. I think that I am possibly trying to be busy so I can avoid a chore that I really need to do-no, not cleaning the bathrooms though that does really need to be done. I really need to organize my kitchen cabinets. 
  • My morning started out working on that silly laundry and those silly dishes. Then I moved on to emailing out Jr. Ranger books trying to get some more badges. The kids had worked on a few before our Christmas break, so I was trying to get those finished. 
  • Then the next task was trying to return the girls' lights for their room. The boys work, but the girls don't really. We tried a few things but couldn't figure it out so I ran one errand with the boys and then ran to Walmart to return them-they told me to go to another walmart because their printer is broken. 
  • Later in the day, I went to that other Walmart with Robby and the told me to call a number. Later I called the number, and I couldn't understand half of what was said to me, but they said someone would email me. Later tonight, someone emailed me asking for a video of the problem. We went that, but have little to no hopes of getting a refund. 
  • I have struck out with a few presents this year-the girls' lights don't work (trying to get a refund), one scooter has already stopped (warranty and working on return), Whitman had a game missing pieces (returned already and new one shipped), Campbell's glove stopped working (will request refund), and finally Whitman's car track is giving us problems (will also request refund)-ugh! Next year, we will buy no gifts with any type of electronics. 
  • Let's see though, all of the kids had chores today. My Campbell didn't sew anything else today, but she is helping Keaton make a bag. Of course this means that the school room is not a complete hazard. I just hope she is putting the pins back in the pin cushion or her sewing career will be very short lived. 
  • Though we moved a set of red drawers out of the school room and into my attic. So that left a spot for me to set up a table to house the sewing machine and my cricut. It will be more clutter out, but everything will be so much easier to use which makes me happy.
  • Anderson, Graham and Whitman went with me on my first shopping trip today. They looked to spend some of the money, but weren't able to find anything. Then they started trying to convince me to spend some of my money-I declined. 
  • I did put away a few Christmas presents today-I know for years, I have just left them in the floor all nice and neat until after my birthday. There are still plenty in my floor, but I did put a few away-including hanging our map up on the side of the camper. It is my new favorite!
  • For supper tonight, we went to ChickFilA. We had a big supper and enjoyed every bit of it-my favorite was the peppermint milkshake. And then Robby and I just split a cookie-actually, I don't think that I ever want to eat again!

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