Dennie Family Resolutions for 2021

Well, it is that time again-new year's resolutions. I love making resolutions (I don't love keeping them though), and I love new pages in my notebook for the next week and month (I don't do planners). Not all my people were too interested as we discussed resolutions so I don't have as many as before, but they decent goals for the most part.


-Weigh 190 by the end of the year

-15 New camping spots

-Build new cabinets in the living room


-Play 52 games with the kids

-Walk/Run 30 miles each month

-18 New Recipes

-22 Hallmark movies by Thanksgiving

-Learn to knit/crotchet


-To get a phone


-Get his driving permit


-Try starfruit

-Make 10 new recipes

-Make meatballs


-Go to an NBA game

-Get taller

-Play basketball


-Do a backflip on the ground

-Make 10 batches of her famous peanut butter cookies


-Ride my bike 2 miles

-Walk a mile

-Use Academy gift card

And this is the most exciting part-the year in review. Despite Covid, we did pretty good on last year's resolutions. Let’s see how we did on last year’s resolutions:


-More hugs (nope)

-Walk/run 100 miles in January (yes!)

-Weigh 190 by the end of the year (pretty close!-thanks for outdoor projects due to covid extra time)

-Go to a Razorback baseball game (no, stupid covid)


-Walk/run 100 miles in January (yes!)

-Weigh less than I do now (Ha! Ha!)

-Read through NT with the church (almost finished)

-More prayer time (maybe?)


-Drive on the interstate (yes!)

-Get taller (probably not growing anymore)


-Make wise decisions with money (yes!)

-Rebuild 6 Lego sets (yes! Thanks to extra time due to covid)

-Go to a Razorback baseball, football and basketball game (no, stupid covid)


-Get taller (probably)

-Go to an NBA game (no, stupid covid)

-Collect 10 more Funko Pops (yes!)

-Drive the car (just once-New Year’s Day last year)


-Make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from scratch (not sure)

-Have a lemonade stand (nope)

-Try starfruit (nope)

-Go to the beach (yes!)

-Get a new bike (yes!)


-Make cinnamon rolls (just once-New Year’s Day last year)

-Do a backflip in the pool (you are not allowed to)

-Drive a golfcart (no!)


-Learn to ride a bike (finally!)

-Jump 18 times (surely)

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