December 21, 2020-Happy 11th Birthday Campbell!

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  • I had a few things on my list today. I was able to mark many of them off before most of the kids did wake up. I then set around waiting to go to the store for about an hour-I was waiting on the birthday girl to wake up. I didn't want to be gone when she did wake up.
  • Though pretty much as soon as she did come downstairs, I wished her Happy Birthday and quickly left. I had some Christmas shopping to do-still have 4 presents which are causing me stress-1 should come in the grocery order tomorrow, one is missing in the mail, ones delivery date has been pushed back to Christmas day, and another one I am stumped on. 
  • I was able to pick up a few things at the store, but my most fun purchase was 20 bags of chocolate chips. They were only a dollar, so that is pretty much a steal. I bought 10, but then Robby suggested that I should buy some more. 
  • Pretty soon after I left the house, Robby and Campbell left to run a few errands. They stopped at Grannymom's house, grabbed some lunch, went to the store and even found Campbell a Starbucks drink. She wanted 5 dollar lemonade for her birthday! 
  • When they made it back home, they were only home for a little bit when I left with Keaton and Campbell. Keaton went to play at Charlotte's house for a little bit while Campbell came with me to the eye doctor.
  • Of all the doctors, I don't really mind the eye doctor-except that I really don't like people touching my eyes! It just gives me the shivers. He did decrease my prescription-I'm not too crazy about that, but we will try it out and see.
  • Then Campbell and I went to pick up her new friend for some ice cream. We went to Smallcakes-their name has small in it, but their prices sure aren't small at all. It was delicious though, and their cupcakes looked gorgeous. 
  • Then we went to Mills Park so the girls could play a little bit. Then we walked the trail there before loading up and coming home. At home, Campbell and I started to work on baking her cakes-well, Robby had to get eggs on his way to get supper for us. 
  • Her cakes are checkerboard cakes so they were a bit time consuming. And yes, I did say cakes-she is making two cakes which means 4 boxes of cake mix! I also made sugar cookie dough tonight and had planned on baking them tonight, but I ran out of steam. There is always tomorrow. And Robby made some oreo delight as well tonight. We were fairly busy in the kitchen this evening.
  • Before bed, we did finally light a candle for Campbell. We all sang before digging into some ice cream. Afterwards, we pulled a lot of Santa pieces and even talked about a few of our ornaments. The kids did go to bed a bit earlier tonight, so maybe they won't sleep all day tomorrow!-thought I doubt it!

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