December 5, 2020

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  • This seems to have been a pretty busy Saturday around here. Even though I slept a bit late, mission control was going strong upstairs-mission control is my new nickname for the boys room. Devices, tvs, controllers are everywhere in their room so they were going strong with Eli playing along early this morning.
  • Whitman slept in our room last night, so we pulled him into our bed for a bit when he finally did wake up. Usually in the mornings, the big boys are playing their devices in the dark room while Whitman still snoozes away. I guess it was quieter in our room so Whitman could sleep longer.
  • The first big even of the morning was Reagan driving Keaton and I to Sams to pick up a present. Then we ran through Walmart grabbing things that we needed. I really should try to work on Christmas shopping all year long-that would be less overwhelming for me and a lot less overwhelming for Robby and his pocketbook.
  • We made it home in time to watch the rest of the ball game. It didn't end the way that Robby wanted, but during it I sat down for a little bit, napped for a little bit and even did some work around the house.
  • I slowly got things ready for the party today, but also worked on painting my table along with wrapping presents-which I would like to be completely finished with my Tuesday night (ha! ha!)
  • Anderson and Graham left right when the Hogs started their game to go to the Bryant game. They enjoyed that-even ate a ChickFilA and hung out at Harrison's house for a little bit.
  • They showed back up in time for a little Christmas party tonight. Campbell had invited some of her friends to come over to celebrate the holidays. They played our game of Telestrations, ate pizza, made cakes in mugs, played dirty Santa, and ate popcorn with lots of toppings. 
  • I think that everyone had lots of fun-I know that I enjoyed seeing all of the kids hanging with their friends. After everyone left, we took a few folks home and then came home to clean...we had asked everyone that was still at home (Whitman, Keaton, Anderson and Reagan) to do a little bit of cleaning while we were gone and they really did a great job-we just had to work a little bit and the house was back to normal!

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