December 16, 2020-South Carolina Road Trip-Day 7

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The rain was indeed delightful last night when we were going to bed. We didn't hear it too much during the night. I did wake up shivering at one point, but I don't really think that I was cold. However, covering up did do the trick and I was soon back to sleep.

We woke up around 8ish, but were all still in bed until almost 10. Somewhere during this time, Keaton did take a few years off of mine and Robby's lives. We heard a commotion, and both knew what it was. Robby was closer and scrambled out of bed while I tried to turn on a light so he could see.

Keaton, who was sleeping in the top bunk, was no longer sleeping in the top bunk. She had taken a tumble down, and seemed just fine though our hearts were beating a little bit quickly. Robby said the sound sounded like the whole bunk had fallen down on Graham.

She crawled in our bed and soon everyone was beginning to stir. And yes, we have a rail on that bed so no one should be able to fall out of that bunk. "Should" is the important word there! We knew that it was going to rain pretty much all day long, so we didn't really make any plans for the day except to just be lazy which was much needed.

Our first main activity this morning was making a big breakfast-though it was almost lunch time when we were making breakfast. We had orange juice, sausage, eggs in the hole and pancakes. And yes we cooked in the camper. There is room to cook a little bit, but there is definitely not room for gourmet cooking of any kind. After cleaning the kitchen, most of the folks went on a few bike rides during the break in the rain. Campgrounds just seem to be the perfect place to ride bikes, and my kiddos do enjoy doing it.

Robby and I went on a walk with Keaton to the gift shop. We bought a few stamps since the girls have written a couple of postcards. A few notes about rainy days and camping-slow days are nice but a family of 8 couldn't really live full time in a camper-especially when the weather is not pleasant.

We eventually loaded up to drive around Myrtle Beach to see the sites even if it was raining. It is kind of a Branson-ish town on the beach. I am sue that it is a happening town in the summer, but in the middle of covid winter on a rainy day, the town was just dead....

Except for Chick-Fil-A! It was a happening place, and we found us some early supper there. We even had milkshakes. When we made it back to the camper, we devoured our meal. There were a few games that happened this evening along with cabinet reorganizing! 

The cabinet above my sink contains most of my dishes. I packed it before we really lived in this thing for a few days, so it had gotten a bit crazy. We re-worked it, and I think that it will work well now. Keaton also made her peanut butter cookies tonight to eat while we watched our evening movie Mulan.

Mulan was very good and all of us enjoyed watching it-though Whitman had his hands over his ears most of the movie and Keaton stayed pretty confused about what was going on. Once it was over, we made the beds and passed out many blankets and many pillows. Then the kids had some ipad time before it was finally time for bed. 

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