Christmas Ornament Countdown 2020: Merry Christmas

I hope that you have certainly enjoyed my little Christmas ornament countdown. I am sure that I will collect more ornaments over the next year, but as of today almost 99 percent of my ornaments have been showcased. I can't find at least one that I know of and we bought a few more on our South Carolina trip. So I am not too sure what my countdown for next year will be exactly, but I do promise that it will be just as entertaining.

This ornament was given to us this year by our friends, the Fergusons. It is a cute little ornament that is hanging near the top of our tree this year. It shows our little family which I love seeing, and they are all standing in front of a little camper which is adorable. 

But what I love even more than the ornament is the friendship behind the ornament. We have been blessed with the best sets of friends. Friends that are truly like family to us. We have friends that our younger than us and friends that our older than us, new friends and old friends, but all wonderful friends none the less. 

This year the importance of fellowship and friendship has really become obvious. You can not do this life thing quarantined. You need these wonderful friends in your life. I sure hope that you have enjoyed reading my Christmas ornament countdown blog, and I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas celebrating with your family and friends.

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