Christmas Ornament Countdown 2020: 7 Days Until Christmas

Robby and I once went to Key West and explored southern Florida on a trip by ourselves. While we were there, we were so impressed with the alligators that were just everywhere. We were determined to take the kids back and in 2018 we did. And guess what? Couldn't find an alligator anywhere. Like anywhere. We did eventually see a few, but nothing like what we had seen years earlier. Maybe it was due to global warming or just the wrong season, but whatever it was-it was kind of making us crazy.

When we walked around Big Cypress National Preserve, we were still on that hunt for the elusive alligators. We never really found many. 

This is a completely random Dennie travel fact-about once a trip we are asked if we are Catholic or even Mormon. This trip someone mentioned to someone else that we must be Catholic. Robby was quick to reply that we were just good Southern Baptist. You never know what you will see or won't see or even hear on our crazy Dennie trips. Here is the link to that day's blog.

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