December 19, 2020-South Carolina Road Trip-Day 10

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Last night was my first time to get naked in a Walmart parking lot. Yep, I'm over 40 and thought that maybe I would never be able to say that, but yes, indeed I now have! It wasn't really that exciting since I was just taking a shower before I went to bed.

I also have never slept in a Walmart parking lot until last night. We went to sleep fine, but I woke right up at 1:30 and thought that it was time to wake up. I was well rested and could see the sun peeking through our window shades. It turns out that wasn't the sun but was the street lights.

We have this aluminum type insulation on all the windows. We just started with the ones in our bedroom, but eventually cut them for all of the windows. The insulation is supposed to help keep the heat in or the heat out which is probably does, but it also acts like a blackout curtain -except the light still does peek in from tiny slivers around the edges.

Not only did I wake up ready to go at 1, I also did at 4. I think that I am like a kid on the morning before Christmas. I do love IKEA but I also know that when we do get home, Christmas really begins. Yes, I have a ton on my list, but I enjoy marking things off of a list.

It was about 8:30 when we pulled out of the Walmart parking lot. Keaton and the big boys were awake. She was awake because Robby moved her from that top bunk down to my bed. I was almost dressed in the bathroom when Robby pulled out...I just had my contacts to put in.

Let me tell you that putting contacts in while driving in a Walmart parking lot is not the easiest things in the world to do. I did it though and was soon handing Robby his breakfast and joining him in the front. The rain started probably about 15 minutes after leaving Jackson and didn't stop until we made it home.

We were at IKEA before it opened up this morning. That was great because the kids all had to get ready, plus I was able to properly store all of the blankets which was one less thing I had to do when we got home. 

IKEA seemed super busy, but I guess everyone just got there at the same time. Robby grabbed a few things-toilet brushes, towels, ice cream scoop. I grabbed 8 gingerbread kits. Reagan grabbed a few things-plants and pots (fake-she has my green thumb) for the girls' room. Campbell and Keaton found some bags. Whitman found a shark which Robby had to go back in to buy for him for his Christmas. And Anderson and Graham were super happy to tell us that since they didn't buy anything they deserved a special treat.

Our main purchase was a desk for the girls' room. I had thought that they wanted another one, but the one that was picked out looks nicer so that is good. I did tell that girls that it would probably be after Christmas when we put the desk together.

We were in IKEA until noon-about 10 of those minutes was waiting in line to check out. When we did finally check out, we loaded our purchases in the car and then ran back in to eat at the cafe. Poor Whitman could not understand why we were doing it all again. He eventually was pleased when there was a plate of food in front of him.

From IKEA we just rolled right on home. There was some traffic and the rain slowed us down some, but we were soon home unloaded. The kids did their clothes and then had a break. By the time we called them back to help us, I had things ready for them to carry out and put away.

Once the thing was emptied, I went to town cleaning it before sweeping it. I will need to sweep a few more times because it was a sandy mess. I guess that even though we were never right on the beach, we were still close enough to the beach to have sand everywhere and bring it all into the camper.

Then I moved inside and worked on putting everything away. I was able to clean up most things and even started working on tomorrow's list. Soon though Robby and I were both exhausted and were sound asleep in our chairs until 10-like a bunch of old people!

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