December 4, 2020

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  • I am so tired tonight that during my Hallmark movie I had to pause it so I could take a little nap....I'll try to stay awake as I write this blog.
  • The day was fairly light-and wonderful. I started the day with dishes and then with taking a load of groceries and presents to Nonna and Pops. 
  • They needed the groceries and then I needed to get the presents out of my attic. For some reason, my nice straight attic that I used to could lay down to take a nap in has become a horrible hazard. Some of the problems are the presents, but some of it is just life is collecting in that attic. Robby said tonight that we needed to have an intervention in that attic-after Christmas it will be high on the list.
  • Soon I was at home waiting on the other half of my groceries to arrive. It took most of us to put away all of the groceries-when we have a delivery order we always make sure that we buy the huge things. Cases of water and 2 Liters of cokes were on the list today-that delivery man probably wondered why this house needed 20 2 Liters, but now I don't have to cart them out of the store for a long, long time.
  • The kids and I worked together before it was time to get ready for the Sugar Club. Keaton and Campbell have been so excited about the Sugar Club coming over. Today, they made apple crisp to give to their parents, pumpkin bread and banana muffins to pass out....except I left out an ingredient in the bread so they weren't edible! Ha! 
  • That was fine because the girls had a great time playing, baking and then passing out the muffins. We were able to drop things off at the Fergusons, her brothers, Nonna and Pops', and their neighbors house.
  • After delivering all of our goodies, I dropped everyone off. Meanwhile, Robby and Anderson went to pick up Eli and pizza. When we came home, we ate and then the boys migrated upstairs to play on their xboxes.
  • And that is about when we turned on the Hallmark movie. Now, in my sleepy defense, I did look over and see that Robby was taking a nap so I thought that I might as well too!

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