Christmas Ornament Countdown 2020: 12 Days Until Christmas

Now, I have a list of ornaments that have not been featured in the Christmas Ornament Countdown throughout the years, and I try to get to as many as I can each year so I can eventually showcase them all. This ornament was one that I had to hunt for-it wasn't on the tree so I looked through the ornaments boxes to find it. The reason that it wasn't on the tree is because I have more ornaments than I have space. Eventually, I would like to add a National Park tree and that should alleviate some of the space problems, but not nearly all of them. 

Anyway, back to this ornament-not only did I now know where it was, what it looked like, but I also have no recollection of this place. Without reading the blog, I couldn't tell you where it was or what trip we went on when we visited the Eisenhower Home. And when I searched for the Eisenhower Home on the blog, I couldn't find any record of it.

Abilene, Kansas-I'm sure I've been there. I'm sure it was memorable, but gracious I have no memory of it. I remember Abilene, Texas-they had the first Sonic that I have ever seen with a playground, yet I've got nothing about Abilene, Kansas!

Robby is the historian around here-real history he knows and our history he also knows. Once we came home from a trip, and he ordered me a book about US history so I could freshen up my knowledge a little bit. 

I don't think looking at that book will help me remember visiting the Eisenhowers. I ended up having to ask Robby. He remembered us visiting the Eisenhower Home with Grannymom and Grandpa when I was pregnant with Reagan so hopefully you will give me a pass on my forgetfulness since it was over 15 years ago.

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