December 8, 2020

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  • I sure do enjoy our light days of school-wish I could finish out how to do have only light days of school. Maybe my kids get their lack of motivation from me! They sure don't get their procrastination from me-Reagan has told me at least 4 things that she plans on doing tomorrow night. I keep reminding her that her people will be over here then, but that doesn't seem to want her to shorten tomorrows' list at all.
  • We did our school, but unfortunately I had to return all of our Christmas books to the library today. Really we just didn't get to one of them so that is pretty good, so I just had to put it on the list for next year.
  • We did our little school work, then a big group of us took Reagan to school. Robby and I had talked about how I needed to bring money to pick up some salsa from someone at church, but I forget. So after dropping Reagan off, I immediately remembered as soon as Robby called me. 
  • We turned around and ran to Pops' house since I had no cash on me. I got my loan and returned to the church for my salsa. Then it was the 5 Below, the Dollar Tree and Walmart. We were shopping fools. Ha! It was fun buying a few presents-right now I have about 4 more things to buy and then I am done! Whoop! Whoop!
  • Once at home, we worked on loading up some clothes in the camper before I turned around to go and pick up Reagan. On the way home, we worked on parking some and then went to pay off our loan. Pops did find out that he is no longer contagious with the Rona so that is good. Nonna will find out tomorrow about her contagiousness.
  • For supper tonight, Robby and I pulled out all of the fridge items-including some foul smelling chili. We didn't eat that but we did urge folks to pick something from the fridge. Surprisingly, no one is eating our baked potato leftovers. Hmm. wonder if I can repurpose them somehow for tomorrow's supper.
  • Robby had finished making rice krispy treats, and I was working on my banana bread when Shannon called asking if I wanted to go shopping. We ran to Walmart and Kroger and had the best time. I bought a few things, but my main task was to help Shannon spend lots of money! I succeeded! Ha! She spent more at Walmart, but I did spent more at Kroger so I guess it was a tie.
  • Once at home, I had some of banana bread and quickly wrote out the blog while the kids headed to bed. Maybe we have time for a movie tonight!

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