Christmas Ornament Countdown 2020: 3 Days Until Christmas

In 2015, the Wilsons called and asked to go on a trip with us. We thought that they were meaning a weekend trip-like to Dallas or New Orleans. Nope, they had in mind a road trip. We thought they were crazy-who would want to go on a multi day road trip (19 to be exact) with a family with 6 kids (all 10 and under). Yep, they were indeed crazy! But is seems to be a proven fact that when you combine a bunch of crazy people together, they have a great time. 

We sure did have a great time on that trip. Towards the end of the trip, after the Wilsons had to bee line it back to Little Rock (silly work always gets in the way), we stopped at Smokey Mountain National Park. We had been there before, but it is always a really neat place-I really like driving through the Cade's Cove area. I do remember that most of the kids bought thermometer key chains while we were there, and I still occasionally find them when I am cleaning behind the furniture. Here is the link to that entire trip.

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