December 2, 2020

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  • Third day of school around here, but with Bible study online for 3 kiddos it does take a few more minutes. It probably was a good thing that Keaton is already finished with school for the week and Campbell again did hers early this morning. 
  • Whitman though, he was in his own little world and really kind of in a funk all day long. It took him a long while to do his math-long enough that I was finished with everything and everyone else and just sat there and wrote down the numbers that he said. After he finished his math, he was able to zoom through the rest of us stuff since I took a bit away so things would be easier on all of us.
  • There was some more painting this afternoon-I am getting close on that table. What I really need to do is wait for a sunny day and bring it outside where I can really see what I need to touch up. Then the wax and then finished-hopefully, I can get it done fairly quickly. I want to set some more Christmas out on it.
  • This afternoon we had a few folks come over to the house. Who am I kidding? It was a party, and we all had fun. The kids had fun playing with their friends and the moms had fun playing a game. I enjoyed the day so much that we just planned to do it next week as well, plus I enjoyed the game so much that I really want it for myself. 
  • When everyone left my kids went to town, just like always, working on the house. Popcorn was everywhere, but by the time that I was finished vacuuming the kids had straightened the entire place. 
  • Campbell, Keaton and I eventually loaded up to go to Walmart for a few things. I left a bit disappointed because I didn't really mark anything off of my list. I then came home a bit stressed worried about the kids gifts, but I think that I have most of them figured out and all will be well. 
  • Robby had supper ready-just waiting on my buns and the hamburger buns that I brought home with us. We had chicken sandwiches for supper along with french fries.
  • Then we watched a bit of the Hogs play. Afterwards, it was time for all of my people to go to bed! Maybe I can get a Christmas movie in tonight!

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