December 30, 2020

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  •  I was a little bit more productive this morning than yesterday. There was lots of trip preparations that had to happen. First a browned 4 pounds of meat while emptying the dishwasher. Then I made some cornbread mix along with gathering things for potato soup. Later in the day, Graham helped me make puppy chow-2 batches. 
  • Everyone also loaded up the camper with their clothes. I tell you, packing the camper sure is easier than packing in just the van. The clothes were soon loaded and after our Walmart order was delivered today, we loaded up the food. 
  • Now, food-gracious. I know that I have enough food to last us a few days-or possibly a week and a half. I sure don't want my kids to associate camping with not having enough food! After this weekend though I am afraid that we will all associate camping with being cold and wet!
  • I worked on the school room a little bit-organizing my sewing stuff so maybe Campbell won't make too big of a mess when she is sewing. 
  • Robby and I did run one errand tonight. I told Robby the store I wanted to go to-he drove to a different store. That was fine though because we went in there too and found a few things. Then we went to where we had intended to go. 
  • On the way home, we picked up supper for the kids. Robby and I headed up the pastys from last night-and I think that they tasted even better tonight than yesterday. 
  • Then I started a project that was a bit larger than I had intended-I had written a place about donating some clothes-I have about 9 bins of girls clothes that I don't have anyone to give them to. 
  • So I had the kids bring down the bins and I went through them weeding out nice clothes and not so nice clothes. Then I laid piles of those clothes out in the school room so they can air out a bit since they have bin in attic bins for a while. Those piles of clothes completely fill the floor of the school room-that will be loads of fun coming home to that mess!

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