December 11, 2020-South Carolina Road Trip-Day 2

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That was some good sleeping in the Bass Pro parking lot in Leeds, Alabama. The kids were still sleeping when Robby starting stirring. We worked for a few minutes straightening what we could-blankets are just everywhere. Then we were on the road again.

Before we got to the gas station Robby wanted me to look for his internet hotspot device. Graham and I looked and looked-we looked everywhere. We even completely unmade my bed with no luck. After about 15 minutes of searching (we knew it was in the car with us because our internet was still working), we finally found it on the floor. We had heard it fall, but thought it was just Whitman's slinky that is constantly falling onto the ground making a racket.

We got our gas and got quickly back on the road....only to stop a little bit later at a rest stop. As I climbed into my seat, I knocked my phone under my door so it was trapped until we could stop for me to open the door. That was fine though because Robby used that opportunity to go to the bathroom.

At the gas station Robby did pick up some McDonalds for a little treat. It is like a grocery store in this camper, but a sausage biscuit sure was good. We listened to some more crime documentaries on the way-no woods ever again!

Soon I was fixing lunch for everyone. Today's menu was sandwiches-ham/turkey/swiss/colby jack/ pepperjack/American/peanut butter and an assortment of chips. It was like a sandwich buffet. Once lunch was finished, it was almost time for our first stop of the day-The Laurel and Hardy Museum in Harlem, Georgia.

Let's just say Laurel and Hardy were way before my time. Now, I have heard of them before and even seen some of their short clips. They were really way, way before the kids' time. Whitman was quite intrigued by their movies playing. Reagan just looked sour the entire time that we were there! Ha! 

It was a good stop to stretch our legs and buy an ornament-I am running low! This was also our first stop for something like that while in the camper with the car. We had to look up on google maps where to park-somewhere where we wouldn't have to back up at all. We found that parking lot at the Methodist church just a block from the Museum.

There was another stop for gas on the way out of the town. Then it was smooth sailing on to Swansea. As we drove up, Robby wondered aloud about who would put a campground in the middle of nowhere. From what we can we tell this used to be a Jellystone campground. It is also very similar to campgrounds that we have seen about with tons of activities (though theirs are limited due to covid right now)

Robby checked in without a problem, and we drove right to our pull in site. We are the only one near us right now so that was nice. Private campgrounds are nothing like state parks where you have quite a bit of room-nope, this would be pretty snug if folks were around us. Though not nearly as snug as Mtn. View. This would be comfortable snug, not smothered snug.

The boys stuck around to help get the camper level and to get the bikes off the back. Then they were off to find Whitman, Campbell and Keaton who had already found the playground. Meanwhile, Robby hooked us up, and then we backed the car off. We didn't have to worry about unhooking the trailer since this is a pull thru so that was one less step that we were glad we didn't have to do-especially since by this time it was getting kind of dark. 

We finished and headed out on a walk around the campground. It is one big loop with play areas in the middle. By this time it was dark so we couldn't see much. Tomorrow we will explore more here plus head to Congaree National Park.

For supper we heated up our spaghetti inside. The smoke alarm only went off once so we will call supper a success. I think it was just the steam that set it off since there was no smoke-I had spaghetti on the stove and bread in the oven. Supper was good and so was the ice cream after supper.

Quite a few folks played Phase 10 with me tonight and bless it, I think that I have forgotten how to play that game. I had the right idea but when I started reading the instructions we were playing all wrong. I also have Rook and one more game in our bucket that I don't remember how to play. That kind of makes me crazy, but because I really do enjoy games-maybe I like board games a bit more than card games.

Robby and I were just talking about how the evening does get away from you. Just a bit ago, it seemed like it was 7 and we had plenty of evening left, but now it is already 10:30 though it feels like 9:30 to us since we did lose an hour today. The kids are all in bed and we just gave a 10 minutes warning-there is lots to see tomorrow so we need to get an earlyish start.

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