December 14, 2020-South Carolina Road Trip-Day 5

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It didn't take long for us all to get up and get around this morning. Robby was even sitting outside doing some computer work while he was eating his breakfast. We had said that we would try to leave around 9, and to me it felt much later than that when we did get in the car. I was pretty shocked to see that it was 9:10 though.

I have been confused about the times all day long. Currently, I am blogging while we have a little break, and it is 1:30. However, I feel like it is maybe 5! Actually, I could take a nap, but it is time to make the people their lunches.

Back to the morning, as soon as we pulled out of the park, we headed towards downtown Charleston. We had debated going on the ferry to Fort Sumter but decided that we might just go to the visitor's center instead. 

Getting there didn't take too long, and we drove through all of beautiful downtown Charleston. It really is pretty, and those trees hanging over the roadways are just so quaint. I might just could live here-except later in the day it was like we were walking around in a hurricane.

We found Fort Sumter, parked and then walked to the visitor's center. The rangers at the visitor's center were kind, but it wasn't a great visitor's center. My big boys always enjoy the movies, and the rangers happily told us that it was downstairs. We sure didn't imagine that it would be outside-we watched a few minutes, but quickly headed on our way to see the next stop. We did stick around long enough to get a few Jr. Ranger badges though.

The next stop was the Charleston Market. We explored that area pretty well-even picking up a sticker for the camper along with a few cookies to snack on. They even had a cookie jar on sale, and I bought one of those! It was super fun-the lady was so kind handing out samples to our crew. Byrd's cookies even makes the rice krispie treats for Disney-it was all that good.

Then we waked towards St. Philip's church, the city's oldest congregation, and then on to the cobblestone streets of old Charleston.  We soon we were back at our car sampling our cookies that we bought. Then we drove past Rainbow Row-a section of pastel painted houses. There were tons of carriage rides all over the town which I think that we did the last time that we were here, but we do have a few more people with us. Maybe another time.

Then we crossed the bridge and headed to Fort Moultrie. Now, we knew this fort was closed (stupid covid), but thankfully their bathrooms were open. We all partook of them, and then walked around the fort. It was crazy windy-like a hurricane was coming. I was chilled by the time that we made it back to the car. We passed out a few snacks, and then headed back to the campground.

At the campground, the middle 4 took off on a bike ride. They didn't get to where they had intended, but did have a good ride nonetheless. After their ride, we made sandwiches for most folks along with some chili for Anderson and cake for those who were lucky enough to get the last few slices.

Whitman, Keaton, Campbell, Graham and Anderson rode their bikes as Robby and I walked to the playground. They played for a good 20 minutes before we continued our walk. Graham and Campbell opted to ride on bike to the campsite while the rest of us strolled for another mile.

I ran into a gift shop in the park and Anderson took the others to continue the loop. Whitman has really finally mastered the bike riding and does good keeping up with everyone else. The loop was sure pretty-we walked around a lake and even stopped to sit on a swing to enjoy the view.

Once back at the camper, we didn't lolligag long before we all loaded up to go back to Folly Beach to try the sunset thing again. It all worked much better tonight and the sunset was incredible beautiful. It was windy-not like earlier today, but the view did make up for it. I was happy to get back to my seatwarmer though.

The thing to do on that beach is to find shark teeth-we looked and we found none. Maybe we didn't know what we were looking for but I have now used my kitchen colander from the camper. I didn't use it the way that it was intended, but it can be washed.

We got in a little bit later tonight so there were more Christmas lights on our drive back, plus we were able to enjoy the lights once again on the loop back to our campground. All of the girls and Graham took showers at the bathhouse tonight. It is just quicker that way. 

Anderson and Whitman took their showers in the camper. We should have made Whitman take his shower in the bathhouse because our shower is now filled with sand. That boy could not stay out of the sand for anything tonight.

Supper tonight was clean out the fridge night. We have those nights a lot at home, but when you have your fridge with you, you have them while you are on the road. Most people had corndogs which I didn't really consider helping clean out the fridge. Robby had chili. Whitman, Anderson and I had pizza, but I had no spaghetti takers. I guess that will be tomorrow's meal. 

After supper, we had some more of our ice cream. Now my freezer can't really keep the ice cream cold cold, but the sausage is frozen solid and even the milk in the fridge was a bit icy this morning. It was still good though, and we almost finished the ice cream off.

It was much chillier tonight-I am currently wearing my hood and covered up with a blanket while I typing the last little bit of this blog. There won't be much excitement until now and bedtime. We will probably head to bed around 10 and have about 2 hours left. I'm spending my extra time looking for Christmas presents that I still have left to buy!

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