December 1, 2020

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  • I had briefly thought that if I woke up early this morning, then I would get up and walk on the treadmill some. I did wake up before my alarm, but it was 5 when I did look at my clock so that idea was quickly thrown out. I rolled back over and went back to sleep and snoozed until it was time to get up and hurry to start the morning.
  • We did our reading this morning and are plugging away on some Christmas books. Then the kids started on their school work-well, Campbell was already finished with hers since she got started early. And Keaton worked on hers last night, so she was also finished as well.
  • I was able to knock out working with everyone fairly quickly. So when I left for school with Reagan, I was done for the day. Whitman was finishing up as well so it was a nice long afternoon for everyone.
  • Reagan drove to school and then she drove and practiced where she will take her driving test next week. We made the loop twice and she did really well. The only issue will be if she goes a bit faster than she should-there is a hill in addition to a school zone, so we will see! This driving stuff is exhausting. I am going to make sure that Robby is the driving instructor for the next two upcoming Dennie drivers. Maybe I will make sure that he is the driving instructor for the next 5 Dennie drivers.
  • After dropping Reagan off, I ran to pick up Pops a shake. He hadn't eaten or really drank anything in a few days and was in a ton of pain this morning. After some new meds, by lunch Pops was wanting a ChickFilA treat. He later said that his shake was very good, so I guess that he is a feeling a smidge better.
  • This afternoon while I was busy  waiting to pick up Reagan to school-I painted, I cooked (if sticking baked potatoes in the oven counts as cooking), I blogged, I cleaned and I'm not really sure what else I did. I will say that it makes it sound like I was busier than I really was.
  • When I returned home this afternoon, I stood by the oven warming up while waiting on our massive baked potatoes to bake. They eventually did bake and we all sat down for supper. 
  • After supper, we eventually got around to hanging the mirror in the girls' room. Then we hung a few records on their wall as well before settling in for another Christmas movie and some ice cream!

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