December 27, 2020

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  • I had to wake up everyone this morning to get ready for church. Well, Whitman was still laying in his bed, but he might have been awake. He has taken over Graham's weighted blanket right now so I am sure that he was super snug in his bed and probably didn't want to leave.
  • The girls stirred a little slower than the boys, but soon everyone was getting dressed. I did overhear Robby asking Whitman if those were his jeans that he had on-it didn't take Robby long to figure out that Whitman had on my pants (his jeans and my jeans do hang closely in my closet.) So glad that was figured out before we got to church.
  • Soon we were leaving for church and arrived in time to not have to search the sanctuary for a seat. I am not sure if church was long or not, but Keaton and Whitman were both laying on my shoulders-and Keaton could not keep her eyes open because her little head kept jerking.
  • We had lunch at Nonna and Pops' house-I thought we would be eating Christmas leftovers, but instead it was pizza. Of course, pizza is a Dennie family favorite so we gobbled it up. The kids also spent the afternoon gobbling up Nonna's candy that she had in a candy dish. 
  • When we left there, I had my afternoon nap though Robby couldn't sleep well because he kept hearing the girls above us. They were working hard cleaning their room. I woke up as thy were bringing bag after bag of trash down the stairs. 
  • We then hauled their new desk up the stairs and started building it. I think that Anderson and Graham really wanted to help, but there were too many girls around so they soon left. Campbell and Keaton spent a good deal of time fussing over who was getting to do what. But we were still able to quickly build their desk and get it set up. As soon as we flipped the desk over, Reagan started putting things on it to decorate.
  • Campbell soon moved on to her next project-making pizza for her supper and doing a little bit of sewing. I am not too sure that she was making, but eventually she was teaching Keaton how to use the sewing machine. I try to stay out of the way as much as possible to let them figure things out, but gracious that is sure hard to do.
  • I was about to play a game with Whitman when I opened up the new game-it didn't come with all of the pieces. Urgh, that is fine since I already have a Walmart return pile. 
  • Last week between Christmas and New Years, we went to town organizing-I am not so sure we will do that much of that this year. I already do have my list of things tomorrow-one of those is pulling out school for next week. Vacations end so quickly!

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