December 9, 2020

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  • Some days just seem long and this is definitely one of them. Wowzers! Let me think back to this morning-we woke up and did our school reading together just like usual. Once the kids got started, it didn't take me long to realize that I wasn't going to have time to work with everyone like I had planned.
  • So I started shouting out spelling sentences to Keaton and Campbell so they could finish this week's spelling lesson. I consider a week complete if we are able to finish spelling lessons-now, if you remember I did finally have to just stop spelling with Whitman. My plan is to start again in January-maybe.
  • Before I realized it, it was time to jump in the car and leave with Reagan for her driving test. I don't think she was too nervous, but I sure was. The entire time that she was off driving, I walked and prayed. Most of the time I spent praying that she would be able to pull that big ole car back in between those two lines when she had to park. And gracious me, if they didn't make her park between the lines!
  • When she was back in the building getting her information, I walked by the man who gave her the test. He said that she was a good driver. He also added that he is impressed when he sees a 14 or 15 year old driving a tank. I guess the suburban is a big car, but I told him that this was our small car since the 15 passenger van is even larger!
  • After getting the paper signed, we headed to the revenue office to get her official driver's license. I didn't read the paper well enough to see that I needed a few more documents. Robby met me half way and gave me all the documents we have one Reagan-social security card, birth certificate and passport. 
  • We then drove back to the revenue office-the line had been short and was just a wee bit longer when we returned. And bless, I almost still didn't have enough documents. The lady was very nice and finally used my driver's license as what we needed. We left with Reagan's new driver's license, and she was one step closer to adulthood.
  • We hurried home-I even forgot that I needed to run to Walmart and didn't remember until tonight. There was some cleaning this afternoon and even some Bible study-ing with the littles-we aren't going to get behind. We are working on getting way ahead.
  • Then the party started around here. We have certainly missed our homeschool group. We have seen them all, but last week was our first get together where everyone was together. So I mentioned that we should have a Christmas party and that we did!
  • There were cookies to decorate, cake, hot chocolate and apple cider, even more drinks, fruit, chex mix and a ton of games. That along with a few circles of dirty Santa and perfect weather made for a great day. 
  • The kids so enjoyed the games and so enjoyed decorating the cookies. I do think that the highlight was the dirty Santa. Now, my Whitman was thrilled to win his huge slinky that he brought. Sweet Keaton chose to steal a gift so a boy wouldn't end up with something that he didn't want. Campbell ended up with something that she didn't like but traded a few times afterwards and was happy. Graham and Reagan ended up with cavities-I mean candy. And Anderson stole a salt rock which we have since lost. (Big house problems).
  • It was all lots of fun. Grannymom and Grandpa came over for a bit to see the kids before they headed out to see Tony's light show. And soon Robby also left for a meeting at church. 
  • While Robby was at the meeting, I finished straightening, cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed, fed the kids supper and swept the kitchen. I was on a mission to be finished with all of that by the time that he returned from his meeting because I wanted him to steam mop the kitchen floors. They have needed it for months, but there is always some reason that we have waited (We will wait until Thanksgiving, We will wait until after Thanksgiving, We will wait until people come over next and on and on we procrastinated.)
  • The floors are finished now and they do look good! A few extra big kids did stay over this evening for a little bit, so the evening was fairly quiet since everyone was entertained. Anderson did wrap a few of his presents and I am now caught up on my wrapping. Hopefully, a lot of gifts arrive early in the morning tomorrow so I can knock out some wrapping!
  • Bedtime was a bit later than usual, but that was fine since tomorrow is another light day of school. I plan to do quite a bit of last minute stuff before 10:30 when I have to take Reagan to school early for a Christmas party. 

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