Christmas Ornament Countdown 2020: 22 Days Until Christmas

The same trip that we shredded a tire on the way home, began with pretty much the same amount of excitement. A hurricane had become a tropical storm and battered us with rain our entire drive to Mississippi River State park. (I am on a mission to see all 52 Arkansas State Parks.) The rain had calmed some as we found our campsite. We realized that we didn't have any cell service there, so we drove to the visitor's center to sit in their parking lot for a few minutes.

As we were sitting there, we did notice one lady walking around, knocking on doors and using her phone. Soon she came to us and knocked on our window. She let us know that we were in a tornado warning, and the ranger was coming to open the building for us to shelter in there. 

Gracious, that was interesting news. We decided that after seeing another car rush up and head indoors, that we should as well. We hung out in the visitor's center for over an hour watching strangers! It was super interesting-they brought in their ice chest and had drinks and snacks for their group. 

We were quite hungry by the time that the storm was finished, so we hurried back to set up camp and start on our supper. It was definitely a trip that we will always remember. Here is the link to that days post.

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