December 29, 2020

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  • I did set my alarm this morning, but Robby and I slept late enough to be classified as teenagers. When we finally did get up, Robby mentioned how sore he was. I reminded him that we had been in the bed for over 12 hours so of course he was sore. (No, we didn't sleep that long-we stayed up super late watching tv in bed before even going to bed.)
  • A bit later, Robby continued to go on about his soreness and told me that he couldn't even touch his toes. I reminded him that was not new and he hasn't been able to touch his toes in 10 years. He did work at it for a while until he was indeed able to bend down and touch his toes though.
  • I am not really sure what I did all morning long. I think that Robby was productive, but I pretty much was not. I didn't really have much on my list today, so I spent a good deal of time sitting by Whitman. He sits by the heater which is the warmest place in the house so I stayed nearby.
  • This afternoon Keaton, Campbell and I went to Walmart. Robby dropped us off-the girls were going shopping to spend their gift cards. I encouraged Robby to take his time and he did! After we had walked up and down every aisle at Target, I wrote him to tell him that we had finished-well, he was at Walmart walking up and down every aisle thinking that he had plenty of time to browse. He still had to go to Sams before picking us up. 
  • That was fine though because I sure do enjoy looking at Target-though I am not a big Target shopper. Campbell found herself a Monopoly game, lotion and a bag of chips while Keaton bought a sweatshirt, make up brush and candy. Those girls really thought out what they wanted to spend their money on.
  • When Robby did pick up us, we bought them a Starbucks drink before running into another Walmart. We browsed that store too-and yes, even though we did all of our Walmarting today, we already have an order being delivered in the morning, plus we have a Walmart pick up for tomorrow as well. 
  • We came home and Robby hooked up the dolly and car-it looks like is will be a mess tomorrow so that is one less thing we will have to do in the rain. Then we went to work on supper-pasties.
  • Well, we put pizzas in the oven too. But Robby had seen these pasties on the internet so we attempted them. They rhyme with nasty and not tasty-but they were pretty decent.
  • They are also described as a hand meat pie-we put our Christmas ham, potatoes, carrots and onions in ours. They cooked for a while-almost a bit too long and were pretty good. We did add a little bit of bbq sauce to ours, but we think that we will even try them again sometime. 
  • The Wilsons came over tonight to try our supper. We were able to visit for awhile and catch up on our Christmas stories before they had to head home and we had to work on tomorrow's lists.

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