December 22, 2020-Dennie Family Christmas Circle 2020

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  • I woke up before my alarm clock this morning, but I did manage to stay in bed until the alarm was finally ringing. I should have gotten up and checked the dishwasher because I tell you nothing starts my day of worse than me forgetting to run the dishwasher the night before.
  • And I didn't run the dishwasher last night. I quickly started it hoping that it would finish before we started cooking this morning. It didn't, but today ended up being a two dishwasher kind of day. (Though tonight that means we only have a few dishes, which means that the dishwasher will fill up by lunch tomorrow causing me to run the dishwasher in the middle of the day reeking havoc on my schedule.)
  • Before everyone else was awake, I had made the icing for Campbell's cake. It was a valid recipe, but the icing was so thick that we struggled to put it on the cake. We had to make a second thinner batch but still had a hard time. I had to go upstairs and wake Campbell up to come down and ice the cake.
  • A bit later, I had to wake Keaton up to come down and help cut out the sugar cookie dough. Reagan was even awake, but Keaton was still snoozing. All of my boys did walk through the kitchen and help some with the cookie dough. Reagan didn't show up for that part, but her favorite part is icing the cookies and she will stick around forever doing that.
  • Once the cookies were done, it was then time for Keaton to make her cookies. We were a baking kitchen today-she loves her cookie recipe and is always so proud. Now on our South Carolina trip, Robby showed her to add a Hershey Kiss on tip to make her cookies even more festive so I figure that I will be buying a lot of Hershey Kisses in my future.
  • I had a few minutes to wrap a couple of presents, before we rushed out of the house to take Reagan skating. Actually, about the time that I thought, "hmm, I need to get a move on it and start loading the car," Campbell came up to me asking if I could French braid her hair. 
  • I quickly did that as I was hollering for Keaton and Reagan to load up the car. We took 2 bins of presents, plus another bag of food over to Grannymom's house this afternoon in preparation for tonight.
  • On the way, we dropped Reagan off at the skating rink. Then I dropped the other girls and the presents off at Grannymom's house. Campbell and Keaton could wait no longer for the party to start. I decided that I would run to Walmart real quick since I was so close. I soon realized that there is no just running to Walmart right now. It took me longer to get to Walmart than it did to do my shopping in the store.
  • Then I hurried home for a quick nap before my shower and leaving with all of the boys to Grannmom's house. for the Dennie Family Circle. The first activity was birthday celebrations-Campbell, Anderson, Les, Dana and Shelley are all December birthdays so they all had presents to open. 
  • Each year we play some type of game during the evening. Tonight was Dirty Santa.There was a tremendous amount of stealing-a cup and blanket were the big items that seemed to be a huge hit. They were stolen over and over again.
  • Next we devoured supper-chili and a chicken tortilla soup. The chicken soup was my absolute favorite. Then there were a few desserts-tres leches, oreo delight, peanut butter pie, chocolate pie, pecan pie, peanut brittle, sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies, chex mix, birthday cake and probably a few more desserts that I didn't even see. Of course, we barely made a dent in the desserts. 
  • Then it was finally time to open the presents-things have certainly changed from when the kids were tiny and we would do presents. Tonight, all of the kids except for Keaton and Whitman were sitting at the table talking, and we had to call them to come and open presents. 
  • Everyone left with more than enough presents, and we could really call Christmas done and everyone would be happy. I should have asked the kids their favorite presents from tonight, but I will just guess. Whitman has really enjoyed his Dope or Nope card game. (we have played it twice already), Keaton and Graham both like their comfys (oversized hooded sweatshirts), Campbell really likes her camera, Anderson will enjoy his headset and Reagan was wearing her sweatpants before we left.
  • It was wonderful evening, and all of my people had a really great time. Afterwards, we hung around for a little bit, but my little girls snuck off to Dana's house to see their puppies. Then my crew all headed home to unload our gifts.
  • We barely all fit in the car with all of our packages on the way home. The kids all started sorting and arranging their presents-though this year, Whitman and Keaton were the only ones that set out their presents in the living room. That kind of made me sad (the others displayed their presents in their bedrooms). I guess with less stuff in the living room-that will probably be good for my sanity.
  • We let everyone stay up way too late playing Dope or Nope so it was nearly midnight when the crew finally went to bed!

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