December 6, 2020

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  • Sunday morning an when I tried to wake everyone up, I didn't get very far at all. I took my shower while Robby went back up to try again to wake up the kids-this time Anderson was the only one awake. It took a while but we finally did get the crew moving for church.
  • Near the end of church, Whitman asked me if this was all or if there was more. He wasn't sure if we were having Sunday school or not. Unfortunately, we aren't having Sunday school right now. 
  • We had lunch at Grannymom's house and celebrated Dana's birthday. Dana picked Mexican and apple dumplings for her meal of choice-this is also my favorite meal so that made me supper happy. 
  • The kids played kick ball after we ate, which was good since we were in the car for a little bit before making it to Grannymom's house. Robby dropped me off at Walmart and Sams while he ran by Target, Kohls and Kroger. We were rocking the errands this morning.
  • After lunch, Reagan and I headed to practice her driving a little bit more. Her test is tomorrow-fingers crossed that she does fine! When we came home, I helped her with her essay before taking a bit of a nap.
  • I also found some time to move the table of my grandpa's into the house. It is grey, and I love the way it looks-though I don't necessarily love where it is in the house!
  • Some of the kids and I played a game this evening before the Wilsons came over to eat. The meal would have been easy to cook if my oven worked-it has been acting up and yesterday was probably the last good cooking day-Robby had to use the broiler to heat our pizza, but today we had to use the toaster oven since the real oven said it was at 390 but was cool enough that I could grab the pans with my bare hands. No oven for me for Christmas! I refuse that gift.

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