December 20, 2020

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  • We must have slept really well last night because it took a while for Robby and me to get out of the bed even though we knew that church was soon approaching. The boys were already awake working in their mission control (playing the xbox in their room) when I went up to wake them. Whitman was awake laying in his bed listening to them talk, but the girls were still sound asleep.
  • We got ready quickly and were even in the church house before it started. However, we were in the lobby chatting. That would have been fine if it would have been easy to find seat-nope, we had to head to the only open spot to land for a minute before finding a new spot. That pew was an off limits pew (stupid covid).
  • So to find a pew for all of us, we had to walk up the stairs to the balcony in front of everyone. This makes me uncomfortable, but I am sure that a few of my kids could have absolutely died. Might be a good lesson for us to make sure that we get inside the church house and sit down in time next week. 
  • Church was fine-though I think it is incredibly sad these days-pews are empty, there is no fellowship, and this is the one that really gets me-we aren't teaching those boys and girls in Sunday school-it's just sad. Maybe soon things will change, but I just don't see a quick end to any of this.
  • Enough of that though-let's talk about lunch today. We aren't used to the new schedule so even though it was just 11 when we made it home, we still dove into our pizza like it was past noon.
  • We were taking a nap-right at noon. I had been busy before noon though folding my mound of laundry. And let's talk about the laundry-I had so much that I decided to just fold it by colors. First I folded the blacks, then the greys, then the blues. I still had the reds, purples and whites to do when I stopped.
  • After my nap, I went shopping with the girls. Reagan was the one buying for her person, but when I did leave I told Robby that since Campbell and Keaton were going with me I would spend at least 50 more dollars. I don't think that I ended up spending that much more, but I am sure that I spent some more.
  • Back at home, I helped Robby some with the camper. We had some things to clean up, then I went inside and started loading it back up for the next trip-be prepared. Isn't that the boy scout motto? Well, we are around here.
  • There was even some Christmas wrapping happening around here when we all hurried out the door to go and hang with the Wilson's for the evening. We all threw together leftovers and had plenty of supper and plenty of desserts. The adults even ran out to go and look at Christmas lights for a minute.
  • We came home around 10-Anderson and Reagan were sent upstairs to wrap presents. Bless my Anderson's heart-wrapping is not his skill. The others were sent to work on their laundry-we still had those yellows, reds and whites to folds. And Robby went to work on fixing the oven. 
  • For some reason, we do our best work around here late at night-Robby was successful on the oven! The laundry was all put away so we are ready for tomorrow's load and the birthday banner is hung by the chimney with care.

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