December 24, 2020-Christmas Eve at the Brocks

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  • I hope that tomorrow we can sleep in half as long as we did today. I doubt that will happen though since my girls are already setting hidden alarm clocks around their room. Apparently, they need 2 hours to get themselves ready to open Christmas presents.
  • This morning there wasn't a whole lot to do. Whitman and I made a little dessert. The big activity was moving all of the presents downstairs from the attic. Every Christmas Eve Robby and I do that after the kids have gone to bed-we try to sneak up and down the steps without the girls hearing us. And we have to do it in the dark.
  • Not this year, I went up and down and up and down most of the morning long. I would do one thing like empty the dishwasher, and then make two trips up and down the steps hauling presents. I shoved everything into the school room and locked the door.
  • Now, I still have 3 more presents upstairs that have to come down, but other than that my evening chores will be a lot lighter tonight as compared to most Christmases. I even have stocking stuff sorted and in individual piles ready to be stuffed.
  • Graham and Robby ran a few errands and even got Graham a hair cut this morning. We were playing Graham's new game when he arrived home. When the winner was declared, Anderson, on the game, Graham, Campbell, Keaton and I headed to Nonna's house to take our load of stuff before seeing them tonight.
  • Those three couldn't wait any longer to see their Nonna and Pops-it has been since November 15th that we were at their house. We have seen them a few times from their front porch since then, but that is a super long time to go without seeing everyone.
  • After staying over there for a little bit, we hurried home and I had a very short nap. Then it was time to hurry around and get ready for church tonight. This was the candlelight service, and it really was as similar to last years as the could do it. We were worried that there wouldn't be candles, but there were and it was a beautiful sight to see-we are so very thankful for the LIght.
  • When the service was over, we headed to Nonna and Pops' house. They had a roaring fire ready for us. The birthday kiddos, Campbell and Anderson, opened their presents before we dug into supper.
  • Ham, beans and potato casserole were all for supper. We all did find out that Anderson doesn't like ham. Who knew? I sure didn't. He was fine though because he probably could have eaten his weight in potatoes. 
  • After eating, we moved on to presents. The kids just could not wait any longer. Again I didn't ask them their favorites, but I will just guess-Reagan seemed to really like her salt lamp, Anderson was pleased with his new Funko Pops. Graham was excited about one of his new xbox games and Campbell was thrilled with her comfy sweatshirt. Keaton was happy about her camera and Whitman loved his contraption set (basically blocks and balls). Robby was probably most excited about his new thermometer while I am anxious to put my state map on the camper.
  • We did sing Happy Birthday to the two birthday kids before slicing into their cake and oreo delight. Then we stuck around and played some before coming home. 
  • Once at home, we did our traditional reindeer food followed by organizing the kids presents. It took a while for me to get everything straight and things laid out for breakfast/supper tomorrow but things are a bit straight in the house right now (and after tomorrow morning, I won't feel that way again until the tree is down.)
  • We pulled our Santa, guessed some ornaments, Campbell moved the wise men to the nativity scene and we also took our customary pictures in front of the tree. Now it is time to put these children in bed-though I know that no one is going to sleep anytime soon!

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