Christmas Ornament Countdown 2020: 21 Days Until Christmas

While we were in Florida for 5 weeks, we were able to visit a few more places other than just Disney. We loved Disney, but being able to explore Florida was lots of fun. One of the places that we were able to see was the Kennedy Space Center. 

We had decided to go there on President's Day so Robby would be off work and wouldn't have to think about that. Our date was set and then we found out that there should be a rocket launch that day. How exciting. Now we knew from our November trip, that rockets don't always go off when they think that they will. 

However, this day was indeed a rocket launch day. We arrived early, found our spots and waited for the rocket to launch. We were able to see it fairly well despite the trees. It was so loud and the vibrations were pretty intense. It was certainly a super neat experience. 

After the launch, we were able to explore the space center and had a great day learning new things. We also had a great time afterwards, eating ice cream on the way back to the house! Here is the link to that days post.

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