December 26, 2020

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  • Yes, it is Saturday and all, but I still set my alarm. Not that we need anything at all-at all. We actually need to have a truck come and take most things away, but I still wanted to go out shopping this morning.
  • Robby was agreeable and surprisingly, Anderson even wanted to go. The girls would have gone, but they were still asleep. Now, Anderson is not a shopper, Anderson is happy staying in this house, Anderson is a homebody, so I was shocked that he wanted to go. 
  • I do think that he enjoyed himself though despite our stops at Walmart, Kroger, Walmart, Sams, Lowes and Dollar General. Now he did question his choices a time or two, but he did get a breakfast from McDonalds, a tin of cookies from Walmart, Legos from Krogers, and chocolate from one of the stops so how could he really complain.
  • My main mission was the find a few things for next years stockings. I did okay. There was some candy and some pez dispensers, but not a ton of items. Now Robby did find a few lights for Tony, but we didn't really buy much of anything else. 
  • Once we came home, I went right to work on finishing my attic. It didn't take long and Robby put the boys to good use today hauling up a set of drawers (which used to be Jason's changing table-I think) up to that attic. Yes, it is so clean now that I am adding furniture to it.
  • Afterwards, the plan was to work on taking Christmas stuff down. However, we didn't jump right on that. I ended up helping Campbell make a storage bag-it turned out really well. She did great sewing-Grannymom has taught her well. We followed the directions and soon had a cute little bin. It is way too big-we followed the directions but the pattern was just too big. Next time, we will know to make it much smaller.
  • It took us about an hour but soon we had it ready. Then I started moving Christmas items to the table. Soon Robby was working on my kitchen tree-some of the lights aren't working. He worked for about an hour while I worked on putting up Christmas. 
  • The boys had gotten all of the boxes out of the attic which helped a lot. I guess that it takes about a two hours or even a bit more to get it all put away. While the boys and Robby put boxes back in the attic, the girls helped me get the living room back into order.
  • We pulled out supper-tonight's main choice was ham and cheese biscuits. Then most everyone watched the new movie Soul. It was an odd one. After it was over, I watched a decorating show before sending everyone to bed. I watched the new show sipping cider (from Shelley) in my camper mug (from Graham) while sitting in my lawn chair (from Robby). It was a pretty perfect day after Christmas.

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